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I am excited to announce Yohimflame is finally here!  It is the best spot fat reduction product on the market.  This new product will help you burn stubborn fat that you never thought possible.  In this profile, we will explain why you should be taking advantage of this product in your fat burning arsenal.

Chapter 1. Why we store fat in specific areas

If you are a male reading this you notice that you do not have very much body fat in your legs, back, or arms.  If you try to pinch those areas you don’t notice anything, but if you pinch your stomach you see a lot of accumulated body fat.  This is because as men we store our excess body fat in our stomach area.

Females are a bit different.  They tend to store excess unwanted body fat in their thighs, stomach, and sometimes glutes.

You cannot spot train an area, that is why at the gym you see fat people doing ab crunches and they stay fat.  There is no point in building up your ab muscles when they are covered up in fat right?  You want to be able to actually SEE THE MUSCLES!  The only way to drop fat in those stubborn areas is by reducing your total body fat…. until now.  Yohimflame has specific ingredients that absorb into the skin to attack fat stores, nuking them away. 

Chapter 2. Tell me more about Yohimflame

Yohimflame comes in liquid form inside a squirt bottle.  It is not a pill, capsule, injection, or anything else.  You apply to the skin and let it absorb and it takes seconds to apply. We will show you later in this article the best way to use it and dosages.  But first, let us convince you why it is so awesome by showing you what is in it.

Chapter 3. Ingredients

The inventor of yohimflame was your normal gym rat, who worked hard to get his body fat down, but would notice he couldn’t burn off those stubborn fat areas.  He was sick of using fat burners that made him feel like crap and upset his stomach.  His idea was to create an easy to use product that he could apply before his workouts to speed up fat loss especially around any area that had excessive fat accumulation.  After much trial and error he finally settled on the perfect synergy of ingredients as follows:

Section 1. Water, Isopropyl alcohol, and IPM (isopropyl myristate)

The first 3 ingredients in the product are not active, however without them, this product could not exist, so they are very important.  They are water, Isopropyl alcohol, and IPM (isopropyl myristate).   IPM is there to help absorption of the product into the skin.  Water and Isopropyl alcohol help bring liquidity and stability.

Section 2. Yohimbine and Alpha-Yohimbe

Yohimflame review

The next 2 ingredients are Yohimbine and Alpha-Yohimbe.  Both of these ingredients are derived from the Yohimbe trees of Africa.  Many people have tried using these ingredients in pill form and have reported very strong fat loss results, but the problem is they also come with nasty side effects.  By spraying on the skin and absorbing we prevent these problems.  Once they absorb into the skin they both act on the sympathetic pathways to increase fat loss and promote fat metabolism.  They also block alpha2 receptors, forcing your body to tap into fat reserves for energy.  This works especially well when used ahead of a workout because you will burn more fat with less work.

Percentage of body fat significantly decreased in the yohimbine group after the supplementation protocol (9.3 ± 1.1 vs. 7.1 ± 2.2%; p < 0.05). Furthermore, fat mass was significantly lower in the yohimbine versus placebo trial at postsupplementation assessment (7.1 ± 2.2 vs. 9.2 ± 1.9%; p < 0.05).

Section 3. 7-Keto-DHEA

Next Yohimflame has the ingredient 7-Keto-DHEA.  There is some confusion about this ingredient in the fitness world so allow us to clear that up.  It is actually a metabolite of serum DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and is not hormonal at all, so no worries about suppression or side effects. 

7-Keto-DHEA achieves very strong fat-burning results, all without putting any stress on the cardiovascular or Central Nervous System (CNS); therefore, no jittery side effects are reported, which are common with heavy stimulant thermogenic supplements.

The way it works here is that it will boost metabolism, increase fat loss, and the big one which is block cortisol.  Most of us are type A personalities and are always stressed out so our cortisol levels are always too high.  Even when we work out our cortisol levels rise due to the stress we put on our bodies.  If your cortisol is high then you will never be able to burn stubborn fat away.  Now you see why people who are very stressed are always overweight.

Section 4. Synephrine

The next ingredient is synephrine which is derived from citrus fruit.  It will increase metabolic rate quickly, is an antioxidant, and also will break down fat cells.  Within the stubborn fat areas of our body lay receptors which store fat to be used at a later time, which is our natural evolutionary way to survive long periods without food.   Synephrine actually blocks A1 and A2 receptors from storing fat!

Section 5. Caffeine

Caffeine is the next ingredient and has been shown to raise metabolic rate and thermogenesis in humans.  It is a great addition to the formula because it works in perfect synergy with the other ingredients.

Section 6. Raspberry Ketone

Finally the last ingredient, but a very important one, is Raspberry Ketone.  Obviously, this ingredient comes from berries.  Studies have shown that it will spike noradrenaline and lipase enzyme.  This results in fatty acid release and quicker fat loss.

RK prevents and improves obesity and fatty liver. These effects appear to stem from the action of RK in altering the lipid metabolism, or more specifically, in increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis in white adipocytes.

Chapter 4. How to use

Shake well before use.  Apply 8 pumps to any area you want to burn fat.   Allow absorbing before taking a shower or putting clothing on.

Best way to use is in the morning while in a fasted state or before a workout to boost fat burning.   Do not use before bed as this may cause disruptions in your sleep.

Chapter 5. Side effects

Yohimflame is safe, nonhormonal and can be used by both sexes.  The only side effects that have been reported are slight nausea from those who do not drink water and are exposed to too much sun.  Also as mentioned above, do not use before bed or you may have trouble falling asleep.

Chapter 6. Where to buy

Yohimflame is sold by N2bm.com and Amazon.  Please check our forums evolutionary.org and elitefitness.com for more information.  You can also sign up for the N2bm newsletter which contains exclusive coupon codes and discounts right to your email.

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